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    2. wheres justin

    3.the plot begins

    4. finding brad getting him back

    5. a new friends

    6. the truth comes out

    6. nightmare frights

    8. TBA

    9. Tthrough the buffers part 1

    10. where are we

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    brad. well this is it I can't belive this may be are final chance togther. 

    justrin comes in.

    justin. hey guys this is are final day here we have to go to paris guys move it move it move it, NOW.

    brad. oh COME ON I just met this person and I love her.

    justin. uh it's a engine and oh my gosh seriesly you could find maney new engine.

    nang. he's right, we need to go to paris, NOW.

    cloe. he's right japinezz is right.

    molly. well there right mabey I should go, now.

    brad thinking. wow now it's getting awkward.

    m,olly leaves.

    brad. wow that was complited now let's go.

    brad leaves.

    brad. wow I love her so much.

    cloe. wow I do have a major crush on brad now what do I do I'm scard what if he does n…

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    small update.

    December 31, 2013 by Owen thomas wiki

    guys I've dicided to make a saving the world fanficton on here comming up.

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    this is a update in season 2 because season 2 is coming in eather febuarry or march or april..

    albrock appears in a bordor.

    nang is apart of the main cast even thought he was never seen in season 1.

    it will have flashbacks from the moments in brads life.

    their will be two part episodes.

    the movie before season two will be about brad and the origin of him.

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    the caps will be on each chapter so they can see it clear

                                                                                                                        CHAPTER 1

    ivo huge .so sir robert noremby why did you call us down here it's time for us to take are christmas trains.

    sir robert noremby. oh well there they are

    thomas. oh well this is unexspected

    later that next morning.

    gordon. james may you take my train today.

    james. I will try but I have to take a very important train.

    thomas oh let me guess, the sarcasme train.

    james no are you taking the bully train.


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