so guys I wanna say if you think his name is rad or anyhtung else but brad you had your4 volumae to low his name is brad and he is best friends with justin now that is the name of the blog post well kind of it is all about justin and brad being friends

a little trivea about brad is that before he worked on the railwy that he lives on now in the series with justing by his side he was a engine in the works and I will make deleed sences of the first episode ok

some more stuff you should know about brad and his railway is that he never mentoned the railways name not even in episode  the sotrry of my life leaving us with the question were is he from and your answer is that you will find that out in a diffrent season

some stuff about justin is that even  though he is friends with justin we have not seen alot of boco even though he is in the works

have you found a mistake with justin in a episode bigo yes justin looks diffrent in episode 2 brcause I was in a hurry to get this done that I did not care about what modeel I  use so ya thats why

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