Ivo 1

this is the best picture of someone like mike I could find

now guys you don't know what saving the world is well evry on here dose exsept for the people who have not watched it now thomas fan is aculy a voice actor for that series as justin but we will get to him in a diffrent blog post so any way on to mike in my series

mike is first going to be seen in episode 2 come on trucks now the episode I will get to later but now it is time to talk about mike and trivea about mike in my series

mike and his railway are all standerd gauge just like thomas, lady and also brad is a standerd gauge engine too so ya

mike will start off as a nice and kind of shy engine because he has a secret no one must know and it is that he lost his wistle so he travels around the forest but hopfuly in the episode after this next episode he will get out of his shell and reveal his secret

he is most likey to be in other episodes not in season one but as a not talking charictor or a cameo

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